Since the last weekend, I am honored to be one of the lecturers in the master course “Content Strategy” at the FH Joanneum, a University of Applied Science, in Graz, Austria.

The materials are available at and are freely available. In the last few lectures I only covered basics to bring everyone on the same level. All lectures are held in remote “Google Hangouts on Air” that can be joined by everyone.

This is an exciting opportunity to teach people accessibility pretty early, so this gets an integrated part of their work.

Back in the day, there were a lot of CSS Galleries. Most have been relatively uninteresting, but CSSMania and Stylegala stood out. While the former is still going strong (yes, I’m equally surprised), the latter faded away at some time and is now a 403 error. I still find me typing in “sty” in my browser when idle before realizing that the resource isn’t there. At least my browser is auto-completing to, which is a resource that fits better into this time.