My name is Eric.

I'm a Web Accessibility Specialist and work with Knowbility to make the Web a better, more inclusive, place. I’m a consultant with my small company outline and teach at the FH Joanneum University of Applied Science. I used to work with the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative.

Find me on Twitter, Mastodon and Github, Flickr, LinkedIn, Keybase or send me an email: mail@yatil.net

Latest 5 Posts

  1. EN Inclusive Design Seminar a11y inclusive design

    On September 3, I will hold an online seminar about Inclusive Design, hosted by Knowbility.

  2. EN Better Online Presentations speaking tips

    Here are some tips I have gathered from doing online Zoom talks since 2015. I hope they help with your talk.

  3. EN Christopher Schmitt remembering

    My colleague Christopher Schmitt passed away. He was one of the most extraordinary people I have been allowed to meet.

  4. EN Hello 11ty! meta

    As a web developer, it is incredibly hard to just be happy with one’s website. You want to improve and you want to make it better, always.

  5. EN Connecting the Accessibility Dots (Workshop in Berlin in November) workshop speaking

    On November 17, 2019, I’ll hold a workshop in Berlin as a part of Accessibility Club Summit 2019. Tickets are just €50.

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