I am really worried about Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature… Not only does it bring web content into a private, proprietary silo, without URLs or any other possibilities to link to them apart from Facebook, but they also don’t seem to work on the iPhone with VoiceOver at all.

We need to be really cautious that we don’t lose HTML/CSS as the primary, open, accessible, linkable, syndicatable solution for web content. If we are not, this might be a turning point.

Unfortunately, due to the train strike it isn’t feasible to attend the camp. sadface

On May 9th, I’ll attend the IndieWebCamp Germany in Düsseldorf. It is part of the beyond tellerrand week which I will miss as I am leaving for Austin on May 10th. That means also no second day of indiewebbing for me, unfortunately.

For an overview over all upcoming events I am attending, see the brand new event calendar!

While being in Austin for AccesU in May, the AccessU Summit takes place online. I will speak about “Web Accessibility Essentials Using WAI-ARIA and HTML5”, a short version of the course I give in person in Austin the day before. Other speakers include John Foliot, Henny Swan and Christopher Schmitt. Ticket prices are $179 for an individual or $479 for a meeting room ticket.