by Jenn Lukas. It looks like mostly the runner ups in each category felt in love for the new elements, probably seeing a chance as a contender there. Seeing chinese shopping site Taobao there, given the enormous percentage of IE6 users there.

It’s exciting to look around and see sites using new semantics. Even the mark element is getting some action! Are you using new elements? Which ones do you feel safe to implement?

I use the new elements since about two years now, probably three if you count early private projects, and never looked back. It is just what makes sense and really improves readability and maintainability of our code. To be honest, it would be very hard to be limited to the (X)HTML elements. It just is the right decision to make your HTML the best you can, having more semantics really helps.

Today I read the latest in the long, long, long line of why I won’t support IE6. How fucking droll. If IE6 support is part of your job or the contract – then that’s what it is, that’s the job, that’s the challenge of your work.

Thanks for writing those words, Remy. We don’t support (i.e. haven’t IE6 in our contracts) for about two years now. Of course we try to degrade gracefully whenever possible. If we’d take on work that requires IE6 testing, we’d just do it. We know how to work around it’s odds. For most of our clients to date supporting better tech had more value than IE6 testing.