Really looking forward to all those OpenType font features in Browsers. I wonder how long it takes until we can chose stylistic sets in font services like Fontdeck. Another question is how much weight they add to the font file.

Web designers have had access to OpenType features for a year or so, through properties proposed in the CSS 3 Fonts Module. Firefox has supported this since version 4, and but until recently it was the only browser do so. Now Microsoft has joined the party by announcing OpenType support in Internet Explorer 10, along with Chrome on Windows (not Mac yet).

I’ve just pimped my RSS feed to directly include links and some fancy UTF-8 icons to indicate if it is a link or article. You can now click directly on the title of a link post (like this one) and you won’t be redirected through my site.

Please note that I’ve abandoned Feedburner. A redirection is in place, but just make sure that the correct URL is in your RSS-Reader of choice:

For what it’s worth, it’s stuff like [vertical media queries] that gets me excited about the future of web design. We’re leaping past any point where the word webpage makes any sense, and into a a world where what is seen at any one screen size (or Photoshop comp) only captures a sliver of the display capability responsive websites muster.

Trent Walton

I’m so looking forward to seeing him talk next week in Nottingham.