As you may or may not have noticed, there is activity again on this blog. The reason is easy: I want to twitter less, taking stuff back into my own hands. Of course Twitter’s recent moves toward a secret-service protected walled garden with laser guns on the door helped to make that decision.

I actually thought a lot about where to bring my content:,, Google+ or Facebook were amongst the contenders, but I don’t like that others own my data. It is back to square one, interesting links or thoughts will find their way to this blog way more often, I will even enable comments again. Discussions and talking will still be on Twitter, but I expect to do much less there.

I am a fighter for the open web. Open APIs are even more important to me than ease of use or experience. I want data to be free. I want to be the owner of my stuff. That was why I chose twitter in the first place: Great clients, great APIs, unlimited versatility. Since years, I collect all my tweets on my server, as soon or later Twitter will vanish into oblivion. Probably that won’t be possible in the future. Probably I will get advertisements without having an option to disable it. (Yes, Twitter, you could have all some of my money.) It is a risk now, and that sucks.

During a standoff between the W3C groups responsible for HTML and ARIA, Sam Ruby (Co-Chair of the HTML WG) suggested that the entirety of ARIA be removed from the HTML5 spec until sometime in the future when Issue-30 could be amicably resolved. This is absurd! It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

There is a lot of ARIA that is seeing author implementation in HTML right now, most notably ARIA roles. Their inclusion provide real assistance for visitors with accessibility issues in navigating and understanding the content of a website, and in some cases provide extra helpers for non-human agents to crawl the content as well. (I’ve even used them as clever hooks for tricky bits of CSS).


The W3C seems to be on a role… I mean roll… with those things lately. Could we stop the politics and make awesome stuff now?