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The Big Picture

On September 3, I will hold an online seminar about Inclusive Design, hosted by Knowbility.

The subtitle is “The Big Picture” as it continues my quest to connect all the dots between accessibility, design, inclusion, and society.

Find a full description of the seminar on Knowbility’s website.

Initially, I wanted to do a re-run of my Connecting the Accessibility Dots workshop that I did for Accessibility Club Summit in Berlin in-person in fall of 2019. But it did not sit right for me. Back then we have not been in a global pandemic, and it was before the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Not talking about how these circumstances must change our view of the world and our approach to how we create things would be out of touch. Hence, I want to take a more holistic look onto the web industry and technology as a whole for this seminar.

Inclusive Design embraces diverse viewpoints. They are used to creating products, services, and relationships that are better for all people. It is a human-centric design philosophy.

To promote, Knowbility interviewed me about my motivation:

I was raised with a strong sense of equity for everyone, and I saw how society can benefit some groups and let others down. I think my first eureka moment growing up was when a friend of mine, who was using a wheelchair, had to go to a “special” school here in Germany because other schools were inaccessible. He had exactly one option to participate in the education system, while I always had multiple options. […]

[W]hat keeps me going[?] My love for the internet as a medium, really. It is something that we as a society are so accustomed now, everyone uses it. And I just want to make sure that everyone can still use it forever, regardless of disability or age. And deep down, I, selfishly, don’t want to lose access. So, I work to keep it.

Read the full interview on Knowbility’s website.

If you find this interesting, please sign up for my seminar. It will be fun, honest, conversational and, hopefully, insightful. A standard ticket is $149, with educators and students paying only $99. Scholarships are available if you cannot afford it.

All proceeds help Knowbility’s mission for equal access to technology for people with disabilities.

Here’s what attendees of my past workshops had to say:

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