Cola & Hamburger

Wie man aus dem Sozialkundeunterricht bei Herr Nothof weiß sind die letzten internationalen Druckmittel Cola und Hamburger, die man an die Länder verteilt, deren Regierungen etwas gegen unsere offene Gesellschaft hat.

Das denkt sich wohl auch Greg Storey in seinem Weblog berichtet er seine Sicht auf die aktuellen politischen Entwicklungen:

We chased Sadam into a dirt condo because some CIA agent’s girlfriend, who’s sister’s best friend knows the girlfriend of a United pilot that flies to Nigeria every Monday and once saw an Arab guy at the airport talking to a black dude. And we took that we took all that to mean Iraq had chemical weapons.

And now with our troops committed beyond what I’ve read to be safe operating limits in the Middle East, we aren’t in a position to do anything about North Korea save for begging China to please get involved with their comrade’s future. I’m sure the Bush administration is on it’s knees, praying that Hu Jintao will push away from capitalism for a few minutes…be a good Communist parent and smack Lil’ Kim upside the head.


Perhaps our only hope is to send stealth bombers over Pyongyang and drop an unholy amount of Baywatch DVDs, cell phones and bubble gum. Where diplomacy has failed, only David Hasselhoff can save us now. Quelle: Airbag: Coca-Cola

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