Staffelstab (en: baton)

Der Nachfolger vom Stöckchen ist soeben eingetroffen (der verantwortliche Postbote ist Björn) und da sich das ganze durch die englische Bloggerszene durchgewurstelt hat die Antwoten auf englisch.

I’ve answered to a similar questionnaire three months ago. Let’s go:

Total Volume of Music Files on My Computer

About three Gigabytes. Mainly ripped off of bought/borrowed/stolen CDs.

The Last CD I Bought

Wir Sind Helden: Von hier an Blind

Song Playing Right Now


Five Songs I Listen to A Lot

Currently I like “Nur ein Wort” by Wir sind Helden and a few older Songs like Simon and Garfunkel with “The Sounds of Silence”. Adam Green’s “Carolina” is still one of my favorites. One of my recent discoveries are Keane, the songs from their album “Hopes and Fears” are all great. And – shame on me – I’ve fallen in love with Christina Stürmer’s song “Ich lebe”, don’t know exactly why.

5 People to Whom I’m Passing the Baton

I’m impressed to see the word “whom” on the internet. I’am passing the baton to Juliaan who donated a flickr pro account and I want to say thanks for that.
Victim number two is Gerrit :). Then there is Steffen who isn’t so heavy technical anymore, thank you!
Alexandra gets one because of her efforts in the german textpattern community – damn I have to contribute something after the relaunch.
Last one is Andreas because I wanted a teacher in my list ;).

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